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Listen to Phil Lowe in action on BBC Radio 4...

Do you struggle to get a positive outcome in the day to day situations you face at work?

Do you often wish you had a magic wand?

Are you fed up with websites asking you rhetorical questions because their designer read the first chapter of a marketing textbook?

Sorry, I'll stop now and give you some facts instead


I'm Phil Lowe.  I'm a coach, facilitator and writer and what I do, simply, is help people make the best of what they've got.  Sadly, this is a hideously unsexy proposition in an age when everybody believes that somewhere out there is a magical solution to their problems.

But reflect for a moment: wouldn't it be great if you found that you already have all the resources you need to be truly effective?  Maybe you can't see them; which is why, galling though it may be, you need to hire me to see them for you and help you make the most of them.

Because the truth is that if you make a couple of small changes in what you do day to day, you can have a huge impact on the world around you.  It might be a way of looking at situations differently, it might be a simple technique to sharpen up your approach - it might be just the way you walk into a room. 

I have spent the last 16 years helping people in organisations transform the way they work.  I work with them to:

  • Make it Right: Identify the 'one thing' that will make the difference

  • Make it Real: Rehearse, explore and experiment with ways to make the new approach work for them and fit their personality, style and workplace.

  • Make it Routine: get the approach to stick so they hardly know they're doing it.

Please browse the site to find out more about what I offer and how I work.  If you prefer to have these things organised for you go here next.  If you just want the freebies, go here.